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"Echos Speck A Plenty"~100% ApHC #607908~92.1875% FAHR~2001 Foundation Mare!

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This Gorgeous Leopard Mare is Specka...she came to us from NY where she was bred by the late Lois Williams and is of the Scripter Breeding Program. She is double bred Solar Flair Eclat and is an F-5 per FAHR or G-4 per ApHC being only 1 horse shy of being an F-6!! We are soooo thrilled to have her in our breeding program and as part of the Sunset Hill family!! Specka stands 15.2 with a stunning build, beautiful color and the most amazing personality!! And as a real bonus she appears to be a Shuffler. Specka is a true Gem and has produced three leopard foals so far for me. All were of exceptional quality and prove the amazing genetics of the Scripter Bloodlines. I want to give honor to the Man who built this line of Horses "Frank Scripter" known as "Lord Of The Leopards" he was a specail man and did so much for the Appaloosa Breed.

Speckas Bloodlines Include:

Solar Flair Eclat 2x, Chubs Powderface 4x, Chief Chelsea 2x, Chief Joseph Rex 3x, Ghost Wind Stallions 88x per horse, The Leopard King 2x, Arab Toswirah Alkhar 4x, Granite Canyon 2x, Rainy Moon 3x, Blanco 27x, Toby l 3x, Toby ll 3x, Toby lll 2x, Patches 14x, Patchy Jr 4x, Patchy 6x, Baby Patches 6x, Knobby 22x, Sundance 500 6x, Chief Of Fourmile 2x, Shavano 2x, Joker B 2x, Red Eagle 2x, Apache 2x, Peppers Shamrock 4x, Siri Sheik 3x, Renners Pepper 4x, Azul 3x, Utah 8x, Mansfield Comanche 2x, Painter lll 3x, Wapiti, Starbuck Leopard 18x, Starbuck Leopard ll, San Rafael 50x, Painters Marvel 2x, Marvels Angel 3x, Sonseeray 2x, El Morocco 2x, Sahara, Sizzle britches 2x, Sam Fisher Herd 24x, Chocolate Soda 2x, Nez Perce Herd 8x, Quanah, Big Boss, plus many more.

"Solar Irish Jewel" ~100% ApHC #600180~100% FAHR #1054~2001 Foundation Mare!

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This Gorgeous Girl is Jewels...she is a Daughter of Solar Flair Eclat! and Aurora (Eclats Fire N Ice) below. She is a true Black Leopard who not only has Stunning Color but also has exceptional conformation with an elegance about her that just takes your breath away! I could just stand and watch her all day and never get tired if time permited. Jewels has a very sweet personality too...shoot she is trully just the total package and goodness I feel so blessed to have her here at Sunset Hill Appaloosas. Jewels came to us with her Mom and Sisters and imediately settled in like she has always been here. She is also a big girl standing 15.2-3 h and appears to be gaited just like her Mom. We are looking so forward to many Foals out of Jewels in the years to come and feel certain that they are going to be Awesome just like her.  Thanks again to Noreen for this thrilling opportunity to bring such Awesome Bloodlines and BEAUTY to our program. It just doesn't get much better than this!!! Please take a moment to see Jewel's pedigree you will fall in love too!!

"Solar Abba Gold" ~100% ApHC #600181~96.875% FAHR pnd~2000 Foundation Mare!

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This Big Beauty is Abba, she is another daughter of Solar Flair Eclat and we think she is soooo stunning!! She is a Black Fewspot who stands well over 16h with a beautiful Sport Horse Build! Her movement is amazing to watch, soon I will get a video of her when time permits so that you all can see this girl in action. Abba has a very sweet personality and is the protector of her little group...she has a natural mothering instinct which I just love about her along with 100's of other things of coarse ;o). She produces amazing foals with nice height and all the bells and whistles. Her 2011 Colt won 2016 ApHC FPD World Halter Stallion! Which we are very proud of.

"Eclats Fire 'N' Ice"~100% ApHC #544957~100% FAHR #151~1995 Foundation Mare!

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I am so proud to introduce this Lovely Mare, her name is Aurora (Eclats Fire N Ice) and she is another Daughter of  Solar Flair Eclat!! She came to us from Noreen Vincents program who was a very close friend of Frank Scripter himself. Aurora is a stunning example of what Frank produced and I feel so very proud to carry on where he and Noreen left off. I hope to do them proud in my efforts to preserve this wonderfully Pure Bred line of Appaloosa horses. Thanks so much Noreen, for giving me this amazing oportunity I trully feel blessed!

Aurora is a Black Near Leopard who stands a good 15.2H tall and is very correct in her conformation. She is broke to ride and also appears to be Gaited which is true icing on the cake, as I plan to do some trail riding with her this if I am correct that she is gaited this will be so easy on my old back LOL!! Aurora produces awesome foals and is also the mother of Jewels above. She has the sweetest personality, she is a people horse and passes this wonderful trait onto her foals along with so much more ;o).

Aurora's Bloodlines include:

Solar Flair Eclat, Coyotes Apache, Chubs Powderface 3x,

"Solar Script Approve"~100% ApHC #607607~100% FAHR #1055~2001 Foundation Mare

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This lovely Mare is Scripta, she is an own daughter of Solar Flair Eclat who's pedigree is extensively Frank Scripter breeding. She came to us with Jewels, Aurora and Abba and is another exciting addition to the Sunset Hill family. Scripta is a big girl with lots of muscle and perfect conformation! She has soooo many spots that they just all seem to blend together in a truly beautiful package. We feel pretty certain that when bred to Breago or Charlie she will be an excelent Leopard producer and can't hardly wait for 2011 to see her first baby. Scripta is an amazing mare with powerful yet very graceful movement and we have also seen her shuffle which we consider to be a real bonus. Please take a moment to also veiw her pedigree.

"SHA Solar Ice N Fire"~DOB 6/14/13~100% ApHC~91.5% FAHR eligible~5 Gen Filly!

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We would like to introduce you to Icey aka SHA Solar Ice N Fire she had been retained as a foal to join our breeding program when she was old enough and now is that time. Icey is a big girl with a GORGEOUS build who stands already 16H tall. She is a G-Daughter of Solar Flair Éclat and also a G-G-Daughter of his. We LOVE her pedigree and expect nothing but wonderful foals from her, possibly as early as next Spring. She will be bred to Thunder for what is guaranteed to be a Black Leopard hopefully Filly. Her Dam is our beautiful Jewels aka Solar Irish Jewels and her sire is Charlie aka Peekaboo Charlie.

"SHA Gliding Fourwind" ~100% APHC~ FAHR Eligible~ 2012 5Gen Mare!

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